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Is It Smart to Call the $99 Guy?

At first sight it looks like a great decision!

Your outdoor area got dirty, so why not call the $99 guy to clean it up? After all, how difficult can it be to clean the driveway, windows or house walls?

It's only when you desperately pick up the phone to call a real professional cleaning service to fix the damages when you realize that it was a terrible mistake.

the $99 guy

We can definitely understand where it comes from. For most people, cleaning the house or its surroundings sounds like a routine and simple job. It involves some water, some cleaning detergents you can buy at Walmart, a few clothes and a cold beer. That's it. Anyone can do it.

So what are you waiting for? Just call the $99 guy and he will do the job for you. You'll get a clean house and you'll probably save a lot of money. Professional cleaning services are much more expensive. What can go wrong?...

Well, almost everything!

Hey, Where Is Your Pressure Machine?

The $99 guy arrived on time, but he has no equipment! How is he going to clean the dirty and heavily stained driveway with no water pressure?!

Well, of course he doesn't have any water pressure equipment. Professional water pressure equipment is expensive and requires a large vehicle to carry it from one client to another. With a $99 payment per client, the $99 guy can't afford to buy, carry around and learn how to operate the expensive cleaning equipment. And with no cleaning equipment, your driveway will keep its stains intact.

Hey, Where Is Your Team?

The $99 guy arrived on time, but he came alone. No team. How is he going to clean your house, driveway, roof and windows by himself?! Is he going to rent a hotel room and work for days? Will the $99 pay for it?

Besides, does the $99 guy know everything about professional cleaning? Is he an expert on all types of cleaning? Doesn't he need some expert advice from professional cleaners?

Well, he probably does. But how can you bring with you a team of experts if you get paid $99 for the entire job?

Hey, What's With the Dark Spots?

The $99 guy arrived on time, and brought with him the water pressure machine. He came alone, so you had to help him bring over his equipment.

You show the $99 guy the stains on your patio and he gets to work. While hearing the water pressure cleaning the patio, you go inside to make a cup of coffee and celebrate the great savings on the cleaning job.

When you get back, you notice dark spots on the concrete. The surface is damaged and the top layer is washed off! Unfortunately, this damage is permanent and can only be repaired through patching or applying a new screed.

So now, after paying the $99 guy, get prepared for paying for the damage.

Hey, Where Are Your Tools?

The $99 guy arrived on time, but after shaking your hand he asks you to bring over some cleaning tools and detergents. Yes, he did bring a pair of gloves and his lunch, but that's it.

You scratch your head and tell yourself that he probably forgot his tools. Or maybe one of his employees will soon bring them over. But as time goes by, he's still struggling with your own cleaning tools.

That's not really a big surprise. How can the $99 guy buy the expensive cleaning tools required for the job if he charges only $99?

Hey, Are You OK?

The $99 guy arrived on time, but as he climbed the window, the poor guy fell down like a rock and hurt his back. Furthermore, he landed on your precious garden table and broke it.

After bringing him a glass of water, you rush to call an ambulance. But wait... Is the $99 guy insured? And who will pay for the broken items?

As you'd expect, the $99 guy is not insured and not licensed. No cleaning guy who earns such a small fee for his work can afford to pay insurance or carry the appropriate safety gear.

Always Use Professionals For Outside Cleaning

Cleaning the outdoors of a home or workplace is a challenging, dangerous and time consuming job. It takes a long time, it requires special equipment and above all, it requires knowledge and experience.

Using a professional washing service can prove to be a great idea! It's safer, it's cost effective and the job will be completed without causing any damage.

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