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Falcon Cleaning is proud to be one of the most sought after cleaning companies for offices, commercial, and industrial facilities across the Vero Beach region.

Whether large commercial spaces or small offices, Falcon Cleaning has the flexibility to offer specialized, best in class cleaning services at competitive and affordable prices. We are staffed with screened and trained employees who are ready to make your working space smell fresh and look sparkling.

detailed office cleaning services

Keeping your working space clean and tidy at all times makes a very positive first impression and improves your employees' morale.

Don't let your employees waste valuable time on cleaning assignments. Although most employees know how to keep a workplace in order, wipe down a surface or wash a mug, only a professional office cleaner knows the best ways to properly clean, dust and sanitize it.

Expert Office Cleaning

A clean office space is of paramount importance to a company's reputation and a key component of any modern organization. Enter any big company, startup or tech company these days and in addition to the impressive interior design, you'll see meticulously clean offices.

Falcon office cleaning services are exactly what you need. Our team will always arrive at your place on time, with the best cleaning equipment for your specific space and the most efficient, safe cleaning products.

detailed office cleaning services

Clean Offices Increase Productivity

  • Employees who are not distracted by cluttered objects and disorder are more likely to remain focused and improve their working performance
  • A messy work space will make it much more difficult to find documents or accessories. A clean, well organized space will increase efficiency
  • An unclean, non sanitized working space may affect staff health, increasing sick leave rates. A clean and hygienic environment will reduce absenteeism
  • Studies show that employees in a clean working environment are likely to be more energetic and productive than those in untidy environments

A Clean Environment for A Free Mind

The overall look and atmosphere reflected by your office space can have a very strong impact on the way people perceive your business image. Don't ruin that first impression and don't compromise on the quality of your cleaning services!

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